Gossip – Heavy Cross

I love the ending of this song, and thanks for helpful youtube commenters (or should it be commentators?), I found this song…well actually the same song twice:

The Original

The Remix

Which do you like better?  Also, doesn’t it sound like she is saying “underwear” instead of “undo it?”


Hello World!

Welcome!  Radio and podcasts get me through the day, from being bored at work to waiting in traffic.  Even on the weekends, I need some sound to get me through.

And the categories are:

MUSIC: new, old, famous, undiscovered

COMEDY: stand-up, skits, funny people talking about themselves

KNOWLEDGE: politics, science, food, everything

I love share what I find. Hence, a blog.  With links, videos, sound bites, pictures, and what ever else I post.

Stay tuned!