Cinematic Orchestra and Patrick Watson

So, I love music from commercials.  Whoever the tastemakers of ad agencies are, they are going a great job because I have searched for and purchased tons of song from commercials.

Example: A perfume commercial for Aqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani.  Saw it, loved the music.  I hoped that it was a real song but I thought it might have just been composed for the commercial. Record scratch! It’s a real song by people I already know and love!

Here is the commercial:

The music is by Cinematic Orchestra and the song is actually from the soundtrack of a DisneyNature film, The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos.

I looked on itunes and you can buy the movie but not the soundtrack (i submitted request for the cd, but who knows how long that will take, i guess i will try amazon next).

The song is called The Arrival of the Birds:

Cinematic Orchestra has tons of great work; I especially appreciate their collaborations with Patrick Watson.

Patrick Watson‘s band is named Patrick Watson.  Are they “The Patrick Watsons” or are they each a Patrick Watson?

Also, I can’t find this anywhere else but Perez Hilton (who I feel ashamed to admit that I read).  Cinematic Orchestra and Patrick Waston – Paint the Sky



Robyn – Dancing Queen

I’m hoping that Robyn gets an SNL bump (like Adele,who is also amazing) and starts getting radio time in America.

Robyn is baller.  She dances and she is confident and she has badass hair.

On SNL she performed:


If I had my wish she would have done one more song (someone mash these three up please!):


Taran Killam Gets Down to Robyn

I watched the SNL episode with Katy Perry as host and Robyn as the musical quest and I was pleasantly surprised. Katy Perry wasn’t in every sketch but I thought she did a great job and this whole season has been pretty good (every episode has ups and downs, but at least I consistently say “Ok, that was pretty good.”) Robyn was amazing and apparently the SNL writers/cast were happy to have her!


I love the coat.  I love that girl from College Humor.  I love the flashlights.  I love the guy who doesn’t react at all.  I love that there is amazing technology just chilling, like, on the floor.  I love the roll.  I love that he kind of loses steam toward the end.  I love the tight pants.  I love the coat.  For reals, the coat.