Make-up Tutorials

I love to watch make-up videos, even though I hardly wear any make-up ever. I just like watching someone do something and listening to their voice. It’s relaxing.

I first started watching Lauren Luke a few years ago. She has a great accent and beautiful eyes. Since starting her channel, she has created her own make-up line, gone back to school, and garnered YouTube fame.

Lauren Luke – Selena Gomez Make up look


My brother also likes to watch make-up videos and he introduced me to Nic and Sam (aka PixieWoo).  They also have great accents and I feel like they are little more professional in their approach.

PixieWoo – Elizabeth Taylor Look


The reason that I wrote this post is because I have recently been watching make-up tutorials by Jane Marie, editor of The Hairpin, formally Jane Feltes of This American Life.  Jane Marie has a great voice, sans accent (well, she has an American accent), and she drinks a bunch of wine during her vids.  Her make-up tutorials are part of the “How to be a Girl” series.

Jane Marie – Foundation, Blush, Bronzer

So, if you are ever looking for a distraction, or a soothing background voice, make-up tutorials are the way to go!




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