Battleground and Veep

Battleground is Hulu’s first original scripted web-series.  It is a mockumentary about a state senate campaign in Wisconsin.  Battleground is a comedy with a few poignant or serious moments here and there.  The show focuses on the campaign manager, a few staff members, and a young volunteer. New episodes on Tuesdays!

I love politics; I’m a huge West Wing nerd.  And I especially love political satire: In the Loop, The Thick of It, Dr. Strangelove, even some aspects of Parks and Rec hit the mark.

Another political show on the horizon is Veep. Coming to HBO in April, it stars Julia Louis Dreyfus as the Vice President (and Anna Chlumsky from My Girl and In the Loop and Tony Hale from Arrested Development). The show is sure to be hilarious, due to Armando Iannucci’s involvement (creator of The Thick of It). Here is the new trailer:


PS: Jack De Sena from Dorm Life plays Cole Graner in Battlefield! What a small world!


I hope that my title expresses how much I love the show Dorm Life.  Because I love Dorm Life.  I love it. LOVE it.

It is the most watched web-series on Hulu.

Dorm Life is a mockumentary about the students who live on floor 5 South.  It was created by former students of UCLA. The show is like The Office, with a little Jim-Pam romance, and some crazy characters (omg the RA!).  If you ever feel like you miss college, this will take you right back!

There are only two seasons and the episodes are five to ten minutes long.  Get started today!!!


Donald Glover

Who wouldn’t be jealous of Donald Glover? He’s on a hit tv show, Community.  He is a former writer for 30 Rock. He had a one-hour special on Comedy Central. He is a rapper (goes by the name Childish Gambino. AND he was on WTF with Marc Maron.

He is also pretty cute 🙂

It’s hard to make a joke involving domestic violence, but if there ever was a successful one, here it is:

His Comedy Central Special:

“The Talk” Goes Terribly Wrong

When I say “The Talk,” I don’t mean that other version of the The View with Sharon Osbourne, I mean “The [SEX] Talk.”

While surfing old articles on The Hairpin, I found this hilarious video in which Julia Sweeney (from SNL and NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!) describes having “The Talk” with her 8 year old daughter.  It seems to take every possible wrong turn.  Stick around for the ending, the best moment is about 10 minutes in.


I listened to LoveLine every night in middle school and David Alan Grier was a frequent guest.  He has enormous energy and is so quick on his feet.  Today, while watching clips of Jimmy Kimmel, I saw that DAG was recently on.

I had no idea that he did any theater, but DAG has been nominated for two Tony Awards (The First, Race).  He is also currently in the revival of Porgy and Bess and performed as part of Jimmy Fallon’s Broadway Week.

Here is a clip of his stand up:



Amy Poehler and Jane Lynch


BIO is a proud sponsor of Live Talks Los Angeles, an organization which features live conversations with prominent writers, artists, actors, musicians, influencers and business thought leaders.

This week’s Live Talk features Amy Poehler and Jane Lynch They interview each other and discuss their comedic styles, their careers, and their lives.  Other Lives Talks have featured Jason Alexander, Michael Caine, Tina Fey, Steve Martin, and John Lithgow. Lives Talks is similar to Inside the Actor’s Studio.

Best Lines:

— I felt like my early career was like being attacked by a bear.

— [On the burnout group in high school]  It was like they had already given up.  It was so sexy.

— Theater people, they know how to close the deal.

Post-Valentine’s Day Sweetness

This video from McSweeney’s (and mentioned on The Hairpin) shows the science behind love: the chemicals that light up our brain when we think about the love in our lives.

The Stanford MRI Lab hosts the world’s first ever love competition, in which seven contestants have five minutes to neurochemically love someone as hard as they can.

Go watch that video, and then browse McSweeney’s.  They have a lot of humorous articles written by famous people such as Jesse Eisenberg, Sarah Vowell, and John Hodgman.

McSweeney’s is a publishing company based in San Francisco. As well as operating a daily humor website, we also publish Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, the Believer, Lucky Peach, Wholphin, Grantland Quarterly, and an ever-growing selection of books under various imprints.

For example, from Rethinking Horse Proverbs by

You’re selling yourself short if you accept the idea that you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink. Try taking him to a lake where a bunch of other horses are already drinking and then make him feel inadequate for not joining the group. Or put a skewer of olives in the water and tell the horse that the lake is a giant martini.

How about a song?  Why not?  It is from the Kellogg Special K granola bar commercial, the one with all the chocolate ❤

I’m a Sucker for Music from Commercials

I don’t know if it just means that advertisers really have me pegged or what, but I find a lot of great music from commercials.

From the JCPenny commercial with the girl on the see-saw.

From the SuperBowl commercial for H&M with the scantily clad David Beckham


From a Red Bull commercial, this song has a very cinematic quality, which may be why is on the soundtrack of a snowboarding documentary (sponsored by Red Bull Media), The Art of Flight.

Also, major congrats to Adele, she is amazing, and RIP Whitney Houston, she will be missed.

Off the List 7

The list keeps growing. I went through and deleted a few because they were awful. Anyway, lots of songs this week cuz I love to share!

Slow Jam! Soulful, bluesy.

Great for the gym. Repetitive sound but sometimes I like that.

Embarrassing, but as a child of the boy-band era, I have to admit I like this.

Kind of silly, but I like it.

Trying to stay classy. I love soundtracks. They are classical music for people who like movies and junk food.

Act Two: Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens