Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Me

Oprah dancing

A few nights ago I had a weird dream. I was at my old high school, but it wasn’t my school (this happens a lot in my dreams).  There was an assembly and all the students were gathered in the auditorium.  One of old crushes was there.

I got up to leave, but I had this strange feeling. Crouching behind some people, I covered my head and then THE SCHOOL EXPLODED.

Again, this is a dream, so I somehow knew that I survived and actually ended up benefiting in some way. I think the explosion killed whoever was starring in the school play, so now I got the lead? My dreams reflect my cutthroat competitiveness, lol.

Later, but in the dream it was immediately after, I watched a made-for-tv movie about the explosion. Of course the scene I saw didn’t have anything to do with it except that Oprah and Tyler Perry did a choreogrphed old-school hip hop dance in a classroom.  It was Skinny Oprah and Tyler Perry was not dressed as a woman.

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