Motion Typography

How fitting! A motion typography video about a type-face?!? Get outta here! Helvetica is a cool documentary, but you must be interested in the subject or else you will be really bored.

Motion typography, also known as kinetic typography, is awesome. I just love a  well-done commercial or set of opening credits. I like how people make shapes, and move the words and letters, to create art. Maybe one day I will learn how to use Abode After Effects or something so I can make them myself.

The credits of Zombieland are discussed in another PBS Arts: Off Book video.

PBS Arts: Off Book produced this video on typography: how type expresses ideas and information and the balance between a type’s purpose and its artistic value.

PBS Arts: Off Book

PBS Arts has a video series called “Off Book” studying art in today’s world. They even have a tumblr!

Off Book trains a lens on the lives of various artists working in interactive art, online collective art, fashion design, typography, indie music, videogame art, and more.  In three-to-five-minute video snapshots of creators who ride the cutting edge, viewers can explore the process, motivation, meaning, and relevance behind their work.

I think everyone loves the Mad Men opening credits. I like the visual aspect of the Breaking Bad opening credits, but the music is annoying to me. On the other hand, I love the music in the The Office and the 30Rock credits.  In The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I did not understand the significance of the opening credits (comment on youtube said they were supposed to represent Lisbeth’s nightmares), they were just weird to me and in a different style than the film, but I liked the music.

After seeing Exit Through the Gift Shop, I learned that a) that I am not the type of person willing to break laws or scale buildings for art and b) you can make a lot of money if you are.

My favorite GIF tumblr is #whatshouldwecallme. I die laughing at the titles they make up.

Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is the best.  It is my go-to for art and innovation.

From their ABOUT section:

Laughing Squid features interesting art, culture & technology from around the web. It is also an independently owned and operated cloud-based web hosting company. Laughing Squid was founded in 1995 by primary tentacle Scott Beale, who is the editor and head curator, joined by several awesome guest bloggers.

I have bookmarked a ton of their posts and, when I started this blog, I worried that I would just end up recreating Laughing Squid, so I avoided re-posting their posts.

But, I think that I was just being silly. I promise these are worth your time 🙂

First, a bookstore comes to life?!?!?  Great music too!

Second, Irish Hand Dancing ftw?!?!? Great music too too!

Do you recognize them?  They were in a McDonald’s ad not too long ago.

The music for this video is super catchy.