I’m a Sucker for Music from Commercials

I don’t know if it just means that advertisers really have me pegged or what, but I find a lot of great music from commercials.

From the JCPenny commercial with the girl on the see-saw.

From the SuperBowl commercial for H&M with the scantily clad David Beckham


From a Red Bull commercial, this song has a very cinematic quality, which may be why is on the soundtrack of a snowboarding documentary (sponsored by Red Bull Media), The Art of Flight.

Also, major congrats to Adele, she is amazing, and RIP Whitney Houston, she will be missed.

Off the List 3

Another installment of random songs I like!

No cuts, no butt in the Feeding Line


Love this cover by Mumford in Sons.


Shoe commercials have great music too.  This is from one for pumas.


RIP Etta James

Off My List

I have this giant list of songs that I like and I don’t want to forget to post them and I also don’t want to just dump them into one post, soooo here are just a few:

I am a sucker for music in commercials; Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second was in a Target commercial.

My amazing history prof introduced me to this song.

Feist is the bomb.  First started listening to them after 1234 was in an Apple commercial.