Dirty Dishes

When I ask you to do the dishes, when do you think I want them done?

Wrong Answer:

While I am in the middle of cooking dinner?

When that video of a corgi getting stuck in a tent is over?

Right after you show me something first?

After I remind you to do them later?

After I ask you to do them for THE THIRD FREAKING TIME?

When there are dishes everywhere and a second load will now have to wait?

Right Answer:

As soon as possible. Like, right now, or in like fifteen minutes. But pretty soon, okay? Thanks!!! You’re the best!!!

America’s Test Kitchen

If you only watch the Food Network, you are missing out on the best cooking show on television: America’s Test Kitchen.  America’s Test Kitchen is on PBS and is produced by Chris Kimball, the creator of Cook’s Illustrated.  There is also a spin-off show (with some down-home, Southern recipes) called Cook’s Country.  The recipes on America’s Test Kitchen are tested dozens, sometimes close to a hundred times to ensure that they taste amazing and turn out great every single time.

America’s Test Kitchen explains the science behind cooking (kind of like Alton Brown) and they do taste tests on common ingredients (like peanut butter and pasta sauce brands).  I have several of their cook books and every single recipe is amazing. You can pay to get their recipes online or to receive their magazine. They also have a radio show, all episodes from season one are posted, and a blog,

Here is a fantastic recipe for banana bread (Julia is my favorite chef):

My Drunk Kitchen

My friend told me I reminded her of Hannah Hart.  What a compliment!

My Drunk Kitchen is part cooking show, part hilarious drunk antics.

One day, Hart decided to make a cooking show and get drunk while doing it. “My Drunk Kitchen” was received much critical acclaim from aspiring alcoholics everywhere. For this she is very proud.

While you may not learn any recipes, you may pick up some new catch phrases, such as “Butter yo shit.”


Really people are just looking for ways to transport cheese into their mouth. All food that involved cheese is just an excuse to eat cheese. That’s life. You know how that’s like life? Because… We think we’re going after something, but really we’re just hiding from ourselves the thing we actually want… And that is to… just… bite into the cheese…I don’t think you realise how much cheese I just put into my mouth.

Wise words.  Wise words indeed.