Downton Sixbey


I just started watching Downton Abbey and this is amazing! The opening credits and the set are soooo accurate!

I love Brooke Shields as Lady Cora! Higgins makes a very good Bates 🙂

Check out Jimmy Fallon’s other parodies:



Arrested Downton and Texts from Avonlea

I’m not a huge tumblr person but these are two with really creative ideas.

Also, no sound with this post.  Idk, just hum a tune.

Arrested Downton has gotten some press recently and it combines two of my favorite things, Arrested Development and British stuff.

Texts from Avonlea is not updated that frequently but the idea is just so absurd that I love it (Anne of Green Gables has never been so bad ass!).  Plus, TFLN is just a gold mine for captions.