Off the List 20

Pre-Happy Thanksgiving! I will be making the stuffing this year, unstuffed, because cooking it inside a turkey is hard and involves close contact with the cavity of an animal’s carcass.

I will be working on Black Friday, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I pray for patience and the strength not to be buried alive under a pile of sweater.

From Grey’s Anatomy latest episode, Second Opinion, the part where Callie and Derek are talking. That show is giving me fever. First off all, they killed off Mr. Feeny just so Christina would go back to Seattle when she should never have left in the first place.  Next, they have new interns and are trying to introduce them as real characters.  Ummm, hmmm, when those two hospitals merged they basically killed off all of the new people.  Grey’s fans don’t like new characters.  Finally, of course Derek’s hand will heal because if he went off to teach it would be boring to watch. I would say “I don’t know why I still watch this show,” but, actually I do: I because I have watched it from the beginning, for some reason I am committed t o seeing this hot mess through to the end.

Heard this on WTMD.  Apparently, it was on Walking Dead last season.

Love, love, love this song. I put it into the Infinite Jukebox (created by Paul Lamare at MIT’s most recent Music Hack Day) and listened for like twenty minutes. Hypnotizing!