Under the Dome


I’m not watching this show. I mean I’ve seen like three episodes, but I’m not “watching watching” it. Sorry Uncle Hank!

Saw the last ten minutes of yesterday’s episode yesterday (“Unforgiving Circles”) and this song was playing at the end. M83 insists on being so mumbly.

This is a cool music video.

Send your dreams
Where nobody hides
Give your tears
To the tide

No time
No time

There’s no end
There is no goodbye
With the night

No time
No time
No time
No time
No time

I’m a Sucker for Music from Commercials

I don’t know if it just means that advertisers really have me pegged or what, but I find a lot of great music from commercials.

From the JCPenny commercial with the girl on the see-saw.

From the SuperBowl commercial for H&M with the scantily clad David Beckham


From a Red Bull commercial, this song has a very cinematic quality, which may be why is on the soundtrack of a snowboarding documentary (sponsored by Red Bull Media), The Art of Flight.

Also, major congrats to Adele, she is amazing, and RIP Whitney Houston, she will be missed.