Off the List 9

The weather is gorgeous!  Roll down the windows and turn up the music!

I love old-school sounding singers.  Apparently she was a runner up on the seventh season of the UK X Factor:


Sia is awesome and this song is fun:


Kind of dark and mysterious.  I heard this song at the end of last week’s episode of The Good Wife:

I’m a Sucker for Music from Commercials

I don’t know if it just means that advertisers really have me pegged or what, but I find a lot of great music from commercials.

From the JCPenny commercial with the girl on the see-saw.

From the SuperBowl commercial for H&M with the scantily clad David Beckham


From a Red Bull commercial, this song has a very cinematic quality, which may be why is on the soundtrack of a snowboarding documentary (sponsored by Red Bull Media), The Art of Flight.

Also, major congrats to Adele, she is amazing, and RIP Whitney Houston, she will be missed.

Off the List 7

The list keeps growing. I went through and deleted a few because they were awful. Anyway, lots of songs this week cuz I love to share!

Slow Jam! Soulful, bluesy.

Great for the gym. Repetitive sound but sometimes I like that.

Embarrassing, but as a child of the boy-band era, I have to admit I like this.

Kind of silly, but I like it.

Trying to stay classy. I love soundtracks. They are classical music for people who like movies and junk food.

Off the List 6

Old school sounds!

Music video is totally Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


This is the theme song to the mockumentary show 2012 about the London Olympics. So catchy!


My mom used to play a lot of Tony Bennett when I was a child.  Memories!


Don’t forget, SNL is hosted by Channing Tatum this week, with Bon Iver as the musical guest.  Pretty low bar set for Bon Iver by Lana Del Ray.  Anywho, not sure what to expect from Channing…but Dear John and The Vow seem like the same predictable Nicholas Sparks crap. Fingers crossed for lots of laughs!

Bon Iver + Bon Jovi = Bon Joviver

Off the List 5

Music for your ears.

James Morrison – Up ft. Jessie J


Daylights – I Hope This Gets To You

I love this music video and there is a cute story to go with it.


Jukebox the Ghost – Empire

Upbeat and catchy!


Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong

Big song on WTMD last year. “My self-esteem is heating up the room.” TRUTH.

Sail Away With The Glazer Siblings (and Enya!)

Gah! I don’t know why I get sucked into those Shit Blah-People Say videos but I do.  I saw the Shit New Yorkers Say one:


And the girl looked very familiar.  It turns out it’s Ilana Glazer! From the webseries Broad City! Broad City is coming FX sometime soon.

From Black Book Mag:

Jacobson and Glazer are slated to write and star in the half-hour comedy, which will center around a pair of twentysomething best friends making their way in New York City. The two are alumnae of the venerable Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, co-founded by Poehler. Poehler (among other famous comedic faces) popped up in the web show’s epic season finale a few months ago.


Eliot Glazer also has a webseries. It’s called It Gets Betterish:


That song Brent is singing is one of Enya’s greatest hits 🙂

Also, it features prominently in the climax of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Also, (full disclosure) I have this CD.