I kind of stumbled upon BriTANick (rhymes with titanic) while watching different sketch/improv groups on youtube and they are one of the best.

Brian and Nick first met in Atlanta, GA at the Atlanta Workshop Players Performing Arts Camp. In 2004 they shipped off to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. They worked together sporadically until finally deciding to unite themselves under the BriTANicK flag. Here’s how it works, Brian and Nick write, direct, edit, and act in all of the videos. If ever they are in need of assistance, as is often the case, they call upon their army of friends to come to the rescue.

Here are a few of their videos:

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer


The Bathroom Pep Talk


The Morning Routine


Two longer projects:

Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses: The Movie

Brian McElhaney’s 2008 NYU Thesis Film, based on a script he and Nick Kocher wrote that garnered no support or money from any of the faculty, and nearly got him thrown out of class.



Suckerpunch is a short comedy by NYU grads Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer.  It stars Brian McElhaney and Kick Kocker, best known for their awesome sketch comedy duo BriTANick.