Act Two: Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens

The Story

I’ve been listening to the radio before bed and I stumbled upon The Story.

Our goal is to find people whose lives are intersecting with significant issues in the news and give them the opportunity to tell their story.

At a time when “celebrity rules” and the only “ordinary” people we see are faces in the crowd, The Story reminds listeners that their stories and their lives matter. We believe that by creating a space for first person stories we are choosing not to accept a pollster’s version of our thoughts and attitudes.

We’ve learned that hearing directly from people about their experiences can transform our understanding of what’s happening in the world.

The Story is produced at North Carolina Public Radio – WUNC and is hosted by Dick Gordon. We are co-produced and distributed by American Public Media.

I listened to two episodes this week.

State of the Union – Letters Never Lie

The first included an interview with Eli Saslow, a reporter who followed President Obama for a year and read some of the letters the President received.  Also, they interviewed a pilot for Operation Migration, an effort to save the whooping crane by using a plane to guide the birds south for the winter.

Bedtime Stories for Justice

The second was about Ilana Rovner, a federal judge whose family escaped Latvia right before WWII began.

The show has a very This American Life feel to it.  Each episode has several stories. I like the variety of the subjects.

WTF with Marc Maron

I started listening to WTF with Marc Maron when I was at work.  I was a little worried about the language, but since I sat by myself in the office, I figured it was fine. Uh oh, turns out my laughing was the problem.  The show (podcast) is fantastic.

Marc Maron, in his own words:

“I have a hard time describing what I do or what I am up there on stage. I’ve been called: neurotic, a story teller, heady, cerebral, angry, brilliant, bad, a problem, a cultural critic, a satirist, fucking funny, an important voice, etc…

So, that being said, I am first and foremost a standup comic. I have appeared on TV, in film, on the staff, in print, on the radio, but all I ever wanted to be, and what I am now, is a stand up comic. I’ve appeared on just about every show that allows standup comics.”

He interviews everyone in the industry.  From Ira Glass (love him) to Aubrey Plaza (love her) to Jason Sudekis (love him too).  Those are just some recent examples. He is a little manic, a little crazy, a little angry, very thoughtful.  He is not afraid to ask questions that are personal and he definitely talks about his own personal issues.  The podcast usually features some of Maron’s stand-up at the beginning and then becomes an interview.  It is not like hahaha the whole time, sometimes it is somewhat serious too.

Yesterday I read on HuffPo that Todd Glass came out on Maron’s show.

Episode 245 – Todd Glass

Todd Glass is a great comic (similarly manic and angry like Marc Maron) who I came across on Last Comic Standing.

Listening to the podcast, I was struck by how honest, powerful, and brave it was.  I’m so glad that more and more people are taking a stand against the hate that GLBTQ teens/people face. It amazes me that our country acts like prohibiting people from getting married/having equal rights is a legitimate option.  Bullshit.

The episode focuses a lot about on what it means to be honest, with yourself and with others..  Whether people knew or guessed or whatever, Todd Glass felt that it was important to just be honest about his life. Todd Glass said he was motivated by the recent suicides of teens across the county. Anyway, it is just sooooo honest and real.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“Be a bully for the right cause.”


Update: Just found an article on GOOD about making podcasts that references WTF with Marc Maron