Off the List 12

Amateur music hour! And I mean that in a “these are non-professionals who are amazing” kind of way.

This kid is so good!

Ok, so GQ is actually semi-professional.  They competed at the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes and in Singstrong’s ACA-Idol competition.

Even though this makes me laugh, I still think it is good.  New Zealand accents are just hilarious to me.

Off the List 10

I’ve been obsessively listening to the Hunger Games Soundtrack for the past two days and it’s time to take a break. Here’s some of the music I’ve been listening to recently:

I know that I’m late to the game on this one, and I don’t even like Kreayshawn’s original version, but I like this:


This song was featured in the tv show Revenge:


Fun, catchy, and calming:


Spring has sprung! Enjoy the weather!

Off the List 7

The list keeps growing. I went through and deleted a few because they were awful. Anyway, lots of songs this week cuz I love to share!

Slow Jam! Soulful, bluesy.

Great for the gym. Repetitive sound but sometimes I like that.

Embarrassing, but as a child of the boy-band era, I have to admit I like this.

Kind of silly, but I like it.

Trying to stay classy. I love soundtracks. They are classical music for people who like movies and junk food.