When you’re done trying on clothes in the dressing room…

Don’t put it back yourself. Not that halter dress. Not that skirt. No, not even that t-shirt. I guarantee that you will somehow do it wrong and I will have to fix it. We hang things in a certain way and, since I’m getting paid to put the clothing back and you aren’t, I think I have a little more invested in it being done correctly. Also, after you leave, the mean manager will find that size 2 pair of boot-leg jeans that you stuffed behind the size 6 slim ankle pants and lecture me about being conscientious. Let me do my job. Hand me the clothes, hang them on the “go-back” rack, or leave them in the dressing room. Don’t even bother refolding shit. You’re doing it wrong.


Re-Tales (Get it, like “Retail,” but it’s a story…it’s probably not good if I have to explain it)

I work at the mall.

I figured I might as well try to get something positive out of this experience, so I’m going to start posting about things that happen while I’m at work.

A couple of weeks ago, a customer came to the store to return a pair of pants.  A manager walked over and the customer, a woman, explained her situation.

Customer: I need to exchange these pants for a smaller size.  I’ve lost a lot of weight recently, due to stress.  My mother just died.

Manager: That’s great!

Customer: Thanks!

This is insane. Talk about a “silver lining.” Maybe this applies to other, supposedly “tragic” situations.

Customer: I came in to buy a whole new wardrobe because my house burned down and I lost everything.

Sales Associate: A whole new wardrobe? That’s awesome!

Customer: I know!

Lesson learned. Remember to look on the bright side.  Although most people may go with “I’m sorry to hear that,” it’s not your only option!