Historical Improv by PERIODS

If you like Drunk History, you might like the “anachronistic period pieces with costumes a show choir would die for” created by PERIODS:

PERIODS. is an improvised comedy film series. Created by Victor Quinaz, Anna Martemucci, and the entire PERIODS. crew. PERIODS. is a co-production with Robinson Films, Inc. , Nomadic Films, and Before The Door Pictures.

While the characters and struggles might be straight out of The Hills or Real Housewives, these videos have historical settings. Their commitment to historical accuracy is truly admirable.

The Hairpin introduced me to Periods Films and here are a few of their videos:

Two Soldiers (Ron Perlman is Awesome)

Ron Perlman is a bamf and an incredibly talented actor.  He has the “Sean Connery factor,” where every film he is in is automatically better because he is in it.  Some of his best work includes Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy, Beauty and the Beast, and Drive. And, if you watch interviews with him, he is really well-spoken and eloquent.  OMG.  Ok, stalker moment over.

Two Soldiers is a poignant short film about two brothers that are separated when the older brother enlists after Pearl Harbor. Ron Perlman shows up toward the end of second part.  It is kind of a different part for him, a little more straightforward. Two Soldiers won the Academy Award for short film in 2003.

If you want to see more short films, check out Films Short for a variety of award-wining shorts of all genres!

I Love British Comedies

I loooover British comedies.  As a kid I would watch As Time Goes By (Judi Dench!) after school.  I have to recommend Whites, Green Wing, Twenty Twelve (mockumentary about the London 2012 Olympics; bootleg it online), and Spy.  These are all really, really great.  Green Wing is probably my favorite, kind of like Arrested Development.  Spy is less dirty, but just as funny.  Out of all of these shows, only London 2012 and Spy are still on 😦

British shows seem to get cut off right at their prime.  They never go stale and they always leave you wanting more.

Recognize Tamsin Greig or Stephen Mangan?  They are in Episodes, with Matt LeBlanc.  They were nominated for two Golden Globes and won one.


Anyway, segue. Black’s Books is another British comedy (with Tamsin Greig), but it didn’t capture my interested as greatly as the others I mentioned. Dylan Moran, the creator and star of Black’s Books, whose doppelganger is Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy from the remake with Keira Knightley), was in this cool short film a few years ago:

Tell It To The Fishes – http://www.laikapictures.com