West Wing Funny or Die Reunion

OMG. I loved The West Wing and Allison Janney is one of my favorite actors of all time, so when I saw on Gawker that Funny or Die had reunited the cast, I flipped out.

Go watch the video. Immediately. It is awesome.

1) I love the party when Allison Janney slaps William Duffy.

2) I love the part when Duffy tells Martin Sheen/President Bartlett, “She’s dead, sir.”

3) I love the part when the President starts going into his speech, “In the time of Socrates…” and they all groan.

4) I love the part when the President nearly whacks Dule Hill in the face while putting on his jacket.

Why the reunion? To promote a fitness campaign called EveryBody Walk. Which is great, but I may forgo walking in order to watch some old West Wing episodes.