Off the List 22


Jonquil reminds me of The Proclaimers. In a positive way.

1. Lifehouse sounds like the name of a Christian rock group.

2. This music video is about a cowboy and an elf who fall in love and transform into white horses.


Rihanna Samples Johnny Cash?

I’m not clearly not the first (or only) person to notice this.  Click on the image above to read The Twist’s take on Where Have You Been.

Rihanna’s new single Where Have You Been has hit the airwaves. It sounds like she has gotten inspiration from Johnny Cash:

Go to 0:30 for to hear the similar line/melody:


Reminds me of Lady Gaga and Ace of Base:


Two Soldiers (Ron Perlman is Awesome)

Ron Perlman is a bamf and an incredibly talented actor.  He has the “Sean Connery factor,” where every film he is in is automatically better because he is in it.  Some of his best work includes Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy, Beauty and the Beast, and Drive. And, if you watch interviews with him, he is really well-spoken and eloquent.  OMG.  Ok, stalker moment over.

Two Soldiers is a poignant short film about two brothers that are separated when the older brother enlists after Pearl Harbor. Ron Perlman shows up toward the end of second part.  It is kind of a different part for him, a little more straightforward. Two Soldiers won the Academy Award for short film in 2003.

If you want to see more short films, check out Films Short for a variety of award-wining shorts of all genres!

Off the List 9

The weather is gorgeous!  Roll down the windows and turn up the music!

I love old-school sounding singers.  Apparently she was a runner up on the seventh season of the UK X Factor:


Sia is awesome and this song is fun:


Kind of dark and mysterious.  I heard this song at the end of last week’s episode of The Good Wife:

Pentatonix Covers Goyte

I knew this song would sound amazing a capella!

Pentatonix won The Sing Off last year.  I can’t wait to hear more from them!

If you like a capella music, the International Championship of Collegiate A capella (ICCAs) are going on now and there are tons of videos from this year and the past couple years (just youtube “2011 ICCAs a capella”). Also, this blog follows the competition.

Last year the Vanderbilt University Melodores won 3rd place overall and were the ICCA Wild Card Champions:

Hello World!

Welcome!  Radio and podcasts get me through the day, from being bored at work to waiting in traffic.  Even on the weekends, I need some sound to get me through.

And the categories are:

MUSIC: new, old, famous, undiscovered

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KNOWLEDGE: politics, science, food, everything

I love share what I find. Hence, a blog.  With links, videos, sound bites, pictures, and what ever else I post.

Stay tuned!