Off the List 5

Music for your ears.

James Morrison – Up ft. Jessie J


Daylights – I Hope This Gets To You

I love this music video and there is a cute story to go with it.


Jukebox the Ghost – Empire

Upbeat and catchy!


Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong

Big song on WTMD last year. “My self-esteem is heating up the room.” TRUTH.

Marcus Foster – I was Broken

Sooo, I finally watched Breaking Dawn (bootlegged it). It was awful, but I’m glad I saw it. Robert Pattinson is a good actor and Kristen Stewart does Bella justice. I have read all the books and they are a shameful, guilty pleasure (with predictable plots, angst, chastity, and  the fainting/crying of a weak female character). The movie has some nice moments surrounded by two hours of terribleness that seems like it could have been easily fixed/made better.

Later, I was looking at the soundtracks for the films (which are suprisingly indie and interesting) and I saw that Robert Pattinson had sung a song on one of the soundtracks. His voice is a little bluesy and a lot mumbley, but I like it. Anyway, long story short, here are some recordings of him singing:

Robert Pattinson – Let Me Sign (written by Marcus Foster and Bobby Long)

Robert Pattinson – Never Think


Robert Pattinson also sings a cover of “I was Broken,” orginially by his friend and Mumford and Sons’ protege (and record label companion), Marcus Foster.

Robert Pattinson – I Was Broken


This is Marcus Foster’s version. Look who is in the video!

Marcus Foster – I Was Broken

I like both versions. Can’t choose between them. They are also friends/fans of Bobby Long, who I first heard on WTMD.

Bobby Long – Who Have You Been Loving


Wow. Googling Robert Pattinson makes me feel bad for the guy. His life is well stalked. I think he may have gone to school with some of these people. Idk.

Here is Marcus Foster and Bobby Long in a duet.

Marcus Foster and Bobby Long – Crooked Sky


Oh snap, there’s another bro in the group: Sam Bradley. I looked at his stuff and it was a little too…mellow? for my taste. But here is a duet with Marcus Foster (this song demands harmonies!):

Marcus Foster and Sam Bradley – I Was Broken

British guys can sing! Btw, Happy New Year!